It’s not very strange to know that not just girls fear sexual abuse but even boys have been fearing fake allegations today. Let’s come out of the notion that girls are always right when it comes to an abuse story. 

Its high time we start behaving maturely and on basis of facts and evidences. Not everything girls speak has to be true. Not everything boys claim has to be true. Let us stop the gender game and start believing facts more than stories.

If you find any story on social media that is without proof or evidence, DO NOT share it. It might be true. It might be false. An innocent should never be put allegations on and even if someone puts an allegation, DO NOT spread it unless it is backed with substantial evidence.

Start encouraging girls to reach the right authorities — the police, judiciary and then come to social media after the FIR has been registered.

Social Media isn’t the place where justice will be given. The only thing a post can get is likes and comments. Yes, awareness can be rightly spread, opinions can be rightly formed and a notion can be given energy on social media but this has to be in National Interest. 

However, justice is something else, social media is not the place to get justice. It is only a place to gain popularity or to award defamation to someone in case of such incidents take place. If something wrong has happened, reach the Police. Reach the courts. Reach an appropriate NGO, not Social Media. 

One viral post can destroy a boy or a girl’s entire life. Their respect, career, image, everything. It will only lead him or her to think of suicide or to somehow hide from the entire world. 

DO NOT share posts and stories that do not have evidence. The story might be true. It might be false. Think before you share. You might be contributing to another suicide while believing that you’ve done your part and shared something that should have been shared.

“Not For Girls, Not For Guys.

A Stand For Humanity.”

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